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Mold Inspection - State Of The Art Technology

Mold Inspection | Crest Home Inspection Services - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Where there’s moisture, there is most likely to be mold. When mold shows up on interior walls, the first fear is, “How deeply does this go?” There are many valid reasons for concern. In multi-family properties, mold is the number one request for maintenance, costing the housing industry millions of dollars. For residential homeowners, untreated mold can mean a very serious financial liability. Once moisture penetrates lumber in a bearing wall or a cornice, mold can ruin the very heart of the structure.

It is commonly known that mold makes people sick; sometimes it makes them very sick and even causes death. What most people don’t know is how mold breaks down the organic matter of your building. Materials such as wood, vinyl, composite shingles, and electrical insulation are prime candidates for the corrosive fungus. The good news is that, out of thousands of mold strains out there, only one is deadly, and all can be treated. If detected early and addressed properly, our mold inspection services can save your family’s health as well as your property’s value.

A mold inspection with Crest Home Inspection Services use state-of-the-art technology. Our detection is completely non-destructive and non-invasive. This means that your cabinets, walls, and floors will not be torn apart to seek below the surface for spore production. We use infrared cameras when indicated, and we measure the moisture in your walls for every mold inspection.

Though not the most exciting topic, an intelligent real estate investor should know the moisture retention number for every structure. Keeping track of this one critical detail can save thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair down the line. Taking video and still images with infrared cameras provide the best possible evidence on the level of mold inside the walls without calling in a demolition team. These images are legally admissible and will give the property owner a real idea of how extensive the problem is. Best of all, detection of potential water damage and water retention is the first step in maintaining the health of your building and those who occupy it. Make the appointment for your mold inspection today!