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Home Inspection - Avoid Unexpected Repairs

Home Inspection | Crest Home Inspection Services - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

A home inspection is by far the most cost effective measure a home buyer can make. For relatively very little money, the buyer can have the home’s condition physically evaluated. Inspection is imperative in knowing the property’s actual value and assessing its asset to liability ratio. You want to have this done by someone you trust. We proudly hold an ASHI certification and meet or exceed their standards. Crest Home Inspection Services is also a member of the NPMA and use their official forms in our inspections.


Every home inspection begins with a thorough examination of the structure. Beginning with the roof, our inspector notes the type and condition of the roofing materials.

Cracks, puckering, moss, and missing shingles are the major factors in a buyer’s assessment for determining the maintenance budget. Gutters, flashing, and siding are examined with special care since these are critical areas for potential moisture points. Foundations, patios, decks, and garages are checked for leaks, water retention, and insect infestation.


Inside the home, our inspector will check the attic, the crawl space, and test the appliances. We take note of any dry rot and indications of pest infestation.

Additionally, we test the water pressure at every faucet, measure the temperature of the water heater, deploy a leak detection device for sinks, tubs, and toilets, and inspect the electrical panel. We go a little further by determining if the breakers at the panel meet the current demands for electrical power at the wall outlets.