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Building Inspection | Crest Home Inspection Services - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Every real estate purchase is an investment, but the risks go up drastically when talking about commercial and multi-family buildings. Code restrictions are much tighter than those of single family dwellings; and our inspectors can be invaluable in saving money and reputation by keeping you in good standing with your city or municipality. With respect to the condition of your building, its stated intended use, and the specific building codes of your area, Crest Inspection Services is your best source for determining any potential hazards and special areas of concern.

Commercial real estate poses unique challenges in the way of inspecting buildings and grounds. We do our building inspection by studying the thirty-year flood plain information in the area. This helps in setting parameters for water saturation levels in the grounds surrounding your buildings. This measurement directly impacts the foundation of a building and indicates how to divert gutter water and drainage for parking lots.

We all know the art of facility maintenance lies within prevention. During a building inspection, we will determine if your building is accessible, meets standards for ventilation, has adequate lighting, and has proper drainage in the ground. We look at stairs, railings, evenness of walkways, and ADA requirements. Inside your building, we inspect water sources, water drainage, heaters, furnaces, and breaker boxes.

Commercial properties also need to maintain smoke detection and fire suppression systems. There is a lot riding on the functionality of many critical details for every commercial property. Working with an industry leader can save the day when you least expect it. If you are in need of building inspection services, call us today for more information.